Please see the below links for information about research carried out by invited speakers of previous UK-Korea Neuroscience Symposium.

UK members:

Laura Andreae (King's College London) - Developmental Neurobiology

Dennis Chan (Cambridge) - Neurodegeneration & Alzheimer's disease

Kei Cho (UK DRI at King's College London) - Synapse Weakening Mechanism by Dementia Associated Pathology.

Bruno Frenguelli (Warwick) - Regulation of hippocampal function by purines and experience

Peter St. George-Hyslop (Cambridge) - Neurodegenerative disease

Jenni Harvey (Dundee) - Synaptic function in health and disease

Michael Hastings (Cambridge) - Molecular neurobiology of circadian timing

Michael Häusser (UCL) - Cellular basis of neural computation in the mammalian brain

Matt Jones (Bristol) - Neuronal networks in cognition and disease

Michael Johnson (Imperial College London) - Genetics and memory in humans

Paul Matthews (Imperial College London) - Advanced structural and functional brain imaging

John O'Keefe (UCL) - Neural basis of cognition and memory (Place cells)

Michael Owen (Cardiff) - Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics

Trevor Robbins (Cambridge) - Neuropsychopharmacology

John Wood (UCL) - Pain mechanisms